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Software Products

DStore Document Management System

Smart, efficient and affordable document management system supported by IBM and KOFAX...

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RUAH Accounting Software

India’s fastest growing SME accounting software. Run your business with Ruah accounting software. ...

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RUAH Hospital Management Software

India’s best Hospital/Clinic software with maximum features and modules at lowest price ...

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Ruah Restaurant Management Software (RMS)

A restaurant POS that fits your business...

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Ruah Logistics Management Software

Ruah lms is enriched with innumerable features that are very sensitive to logistics companies ...

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Ruah Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Ruah WMS will give you the performance edge you need, not only now, but for your supply chain of the future ...

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Ruah Production Management Software(PMS)

Ruah PMS is a complete Production Management Software solution that will increase efficiency, quality and profit margin ...

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Ruah Customer Relationship Management Software(CRM)

Rauh CRM is simple but effective CRM tool to monitor pre sales and post sales enquiries ...

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Pharmacy Management Software

Ruah Pharmacy Management Software is smart to use easy to implement and flexible to customised solution ...

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Hardware Products


The perishable nature of paper makes it difficult and complicated to preserve documents, even if you take due care....

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Document Scanners

Document scanners are designed to convert large amounts of single-sided and double-sided paper documents into images....

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Photo/Film/TP Scanners

A film scanner converts the image on a film negative or slide into a digital image file on a computer....

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Microfilm Scanners

Microfilm Scanners provide imaging equipment for the electronic distribution of document images stored on all microforms....

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X-Ray/MRI Scanners

Medical film digitizers are employed for a variety of applications, including PACS, mammography CAD, teleradiology, telemedic...

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Microfilm Cameras

Conservation through microfilming is the technically simple and economical way to ensure long term archival of important docu...

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Book - Automatic + Flatbed + Overhead

Available in A-4 and A-3 sizes Flatbed scanners are very quick and are are bundled with software which allow you to easily sc...

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ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS

The ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS is a high speed mass digitization system (MDS) designed for large volume digitization of any bound ma...

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