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Ruah Customer Relationship Management Software(CRM)

The Enquiry Registration form with mandatory fields like customer name, telephone number, email address etc and fields like mode of enquiry, enquiry for telephone, email address and enquiry for product, services etc. Field for response, i.e. Response given by the company and action taken. Option for entering new enquiry and follow up with enquiry already registered for unlimited terms. On closing the deal, the information will be passed on to debtor or creditor registered in the software and all the transactions thereafter can be done to that party. The follow up of the confirmed orders for support, new enquiry etc are possible here. Various reports are made available in enquiries pending/support open etc.

We can add different fields about the enquiry like hot enquiry, pending support etc and provision is given to generate reports based on all the fields added in the software. By making use of this module of the enquiries, support and customers information can be maintained from the beginning to the current date in a systematic manner. The flexibility of the software is that we can decide the name of the field like mode of enquiry, enquiry for etc. so that this module can be used by any organization which deals with different kind of operations.

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