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Book - Automatic + Flatbed + Overhead

Available in A-4 and A-3 sizes Flatbed scanners are very quick and are are bundled with software which allow you to easily scan and save the books as one single file for email, printing, or OCR purposes.

Programmes also allow the buttons on scanner to pre-program for specific funtions. The scanners come to you with bundled TWAIN and / or ISIS drivers for scanning from various applications.

Scanning of OLD, Rare & Fragile Books, Manuscripts, Maps, Drawings....without unbinding or damage.

Overhead Book Scanner from Ruah are professional scanner for bulk and delicate scanning. Scanners are available in A3, A2, A1 and A0 Sizes to meet requirements of any Library, any Archive or any Office to scan their Rare Manuscripts, Important Office Files, Delicate Maps, Old Drawings, Textile Samples, Bound Books, Bound Registers, Research Reports, Newspapers...without unbinding or damage.Our Scanners are all Ultra Voilet Light or Infra Red Radiation FREE.

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