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Microfilm Scanners

Microfilm Scanners provide imaging equipment for the electronic distribution of document images stored on all microforms. Microfilm scanners are highly specialized devices for digitizing roll film, fiche, and aperture cards. These scanners can be used purely as microfilm scanners, to create a digital archive of microfilms or used as a reader printer, sending prints to standard network printers.

Ruah offers a wide range of scanners and readers for Libraires, Research foundations, Archives, Museums to cater to any size of scanning requirements of microfilm, microfiche, Photographic films or Microcard scanning. These are scanners and not Microfilm Writers, Processors of Duplicators to create Roll Films, but we offer them also.

UScan - Latest Compact 4-in-1 Microfilm, Microficeh, Photo Scanner
  1. ScanPro 2000 automatic Roll Film and Fiche Scanner
  2. 8850 Scan Station - Fast Automatic Roll Film Scanner
  3. •RS ScanStation Series - 400-600 dpi of High Speed Automatic Roll film Scanner
  4. FS ScanStation Series - 400 to 600 dpi Microfiche Scanning
  5. Roll film Readers and Accessories
  6. ScanPro 800 Roll Film and Fiche Scanner
  7. Solar Professional 4000
  8. Solar Professional 3000

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