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Electronic Media Storage

High Security Protection for Your Critical Data.

Fires. Blackouts. Flooding. Explosions. Theft. If any of these things were to impact your company facilities would your critical data be protected?

It would be, if you stored it with Off-Site Data Security Service from Ruah.

Secure & Safe

By using Off-Site Data Security Service from Ruah your critical data is stored away from your business location in a facility that’s designed to be safer and more secure than your company’s own buildings.

  1. Ruah vault has installed the Firelock Media Vault which provides the highest safety ratings available in the industry.
  2. Ruah vault is climate controlled to the strictest tolerances and monitored 24/7 to ensure that there are no fluctuations in temperature or humidity
  3. Seismic activity within vault chamber is monitored offsite 24/7
  4. Two independent monitored alarm systems ensure uninterrupted surveillance.
  5. Automatic backup power generation ensures continuity of power to essential equipment
Short and Long Term Rates

Our affordable short term and long term storage rates make storing your critical data with Ruah a wise choice from both a security and financial perspective.

Efficient Bar-Coded System

All critical data for storage is bar coded and then scanned into a bar coded shelf location for ease of search, retrieval, reporting and managing.

Flexible Requesting & Scheduling

Requests for critical data can be made by:

  1. Automatically scheduling the cycle for critical data using Ruah web-based services
  2. Making specific tape requests via phone or email
Flexible Delivery

Your critical data is scheduled in regular delivery/pick up cycles. However, you never know when the need for the retrieval of critical data will arise. With that in mind, B.C. Records gives you a number of delivery options to choose from.

  1. Same day, Next day or 2 hour Rush
  2. 4 Hour emergency deliveries available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year

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