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Ruah Record Mgt. Services

Smart and efficient Record Management Services

Ruah Records Management Services is a record and information management company serving the beautiful and rapidly growing Cochin region of Kerala State. Our company’s mission is to serve you using innovative procedures and comprehensive services that meet your individual needs while maintaining the absolute security and safety of your critical information.

Our company provides Document Storage services, Scanning & Imaging documents services, Electronic Media Storage services, and on your request Shredding & Document Destruction services. Our fast and efficient bar code system and expert staff ensures that your documents are always where you need them– when you need them. Every activity is scanned from initial pick-up to final storage or delivery, providing a permanent record of every event that occurs to each document stored with Ruah. We also continually evolve our record management services in order to protect your files and data from the latest security threats.

Ruah Document Storage and Records Management
  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Bar coded System
  3. Flexible retrievals
  4. Flexible Delivery
  5. Assured Security
Scanning & Imaging

Ruah can convert your data into electronic format index it and provide the same to you for ready retrieval.

Document conversion for any budget
  1. Enjoy the competitive advantage of accessing data at a rate of speed that allows for an efficiency and timeliness previously unattainable.
  2. Accessibility and integrity of the data is no longer limited by the physicality of paper.
  3. Recapture valuable floor space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves

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