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Digitization of Documents

Document Scanning Services

Ruah Enterprises offers a comprehensive document scanning service that can convert any institution’s documents into crystal clear digital format.We will help you and guide you to establish a digital work place. Scanning the Paper documents and converting to digital format is primary step towards digitisation. Our high quality scanning services produce excellent quality digital images. Ruah Enterprises also provides excellent and efficient indexing services which in turn help easy retrieval of the e-documents as and when necessary.

Documents - let it be loose papers , files, box files , Books , Medical Records, Legal Documents ,Large Format documents, Maps, Drawings, News Papers , Blue prints - scanning process is unique and efficient as we use world’s finest software with capture technology and high speed scanners to convert into fine quality digital format as quick as possible.

Ruah’s Custom Imaging Solutions include:
  1. Document Scanning Services
  2. Medical Records Scanning
  3. Books Scanning
  4. Legal Document Scanning
  5. Maps and Drawings scanning
  6. News Paper scanning
  7. Wide format scanning
  8. Blue print scanning
Digitizing/Imaging Files at Your Location

For highly sensitive materials, mandatory requirements and security, Ruah provides on-site document scanning services at our clients’ locations. We assign a dedicated professional staff to each project, install the equipment and provide technicians (including on-site project management) to assure the document conversion is successful.

Digitizing/Imaging Files at Your Location

Nevertheless, document scanning services overall cost will typically be lower at our facility in Cochin where turnaround would in all likelihood be faster.

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